Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hi. This is Nate Nelson, with an introduction to this blog. This information has finally, after two years, been de-classified.
Six years ago, there was a knock at our front door. My mom went to answer it. It was my friend, Crash. He had news: he had finally gotten a cat. But there was something wrong with it. It had no pupils, no tail (it grew back later), no nose, and, um, it could talk.
He introduced himself as Catfu.
Three years later, a penguin showed up at Crash's front door, begging for food. He called me over. Then things got even weirder. A sensai guy in a cloak showed up in a cloud of smoke. He said he was Sensei Shouju, and the penguin was Penguinfu Jr. Pengu for short, and that the 'fus will rid the world of evil.
Since then, we've found many other 'fus. They're living in a shack in our backyard, and will be posting on this blog. Have fun!

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